Agent Alice Game – Episode 7 – The Doctor

Agent Alice and the team is assigned to a new murder case that takes them to Paris. Alice thinks this is a good opportunity to find out what may have happened to her parents who were last seen in France before they disappeared. They check into a plush hotel and discover a dead body. The body has been chopped up (think Dexter Season One). They find a suitcase and a wallet. They examine both. The victim’s name is Bjarne Sigurdsson, the owner of the hotel. They learn that he was a colleague of Alice’s parents (who were apparently agents as well).  They (YOU) search the lobby (see scene # 1 below) and find a clue; a travel guide with a page torn out. It’ll take 20 minutes to examine the travel guide and figure out what info was on the missing page.  Might as well go back to the crime scenes and search for more hidden objects while you’re waiting.

agent alice episode 7 madame artaudThe missing page was in reference to a restaurant Belle Vue located close to the Eiffel Tower. Interestingly, there is a mental hospital in NYC called the Bellvue (I doubt the connection, but you never know). The Paris restaurant is owned by a Madame Artaud (who reminds me of Patricia Arquette’s character Sally on Boardwalk Empire). Turns out she’s a former agent as well (what’s up with all these retired, missing, and former agents?..things that make you go hmmmm).  We told her about the dead man at the hotel and she was shocked and saddened. Turns out he was also a former agent and her friend. She suggested we search the restaurant (see scene # 2 below) for clues. Found 2 clues; a suitcase and an agency medal. They belong to someone named Marina.

agent alice episode 7 movie magazineMadame Artaud said we might find Marina at the market (see scene # 3 below). Got to the market but Marina wasn’t there.  They did find a clue; a movie magazine. It’ll take 30 minutes to examine the magazine. As always, you can wait or pay a few virtual bucks to skip the wait. I recommend waiting (I explain why in the TIP ALERT below).  Examination of the magazine is complete. Someone made a movie about the agency. It’s a documentary about something that went wrong 20 years ago. Alice says that her parents disappeared 20 years ago. They go to the cinema (see scene # 4 below) to investigate.  They discover another dead body sliced up like the one in the hotel lobby. They run into Marina. She tells them that the dead man was also an agent. She also tells Alice she was her mother’s friend. You’ll need 2 stars to talk to Marina to find out more.

TIP ALERT: One thing that I’ve been doing lately (especially during the long waiting periods between tasks) is searching for hidden objects and collecting stars. By doing so I now have seven stars I can use to move the story along a little faster.

agent alice episode 7 marinaUsed my 2 stars to talk to Marina (who reminds me of Angelica Houston). Alice wanted to know how she knew her mom. She said they worked together at the Agency and became friends. She was worried about the rash of agent murders and arranged for Alice to be sent to Paris. Alice asks if she’s in danger. Marina replies, “You in danger girl!” (Just kidding!) Before Marina can answer they hear a loud crash. They investigate the source of the noise and find an old man near an over-turned wheelchair. They help him up and ask if he’s OK. He is. He thanks them and explains that he’s paralyzed. It’ll take 2 stars to talk to him — thanks to searching for hidden object earlier I (Alice, me, you, us, etc.) have enough stars to talk to him;


agent alice episode 7 the doctorALICE: Sir, are you alright?

OLD MAN: I guess I’m OK. Thanks for helping me!

This (and some of the dialogue that follows) is not the exact wording of the conversation but it is very close. We need two stars to continue the conversation with the old man. Luckily I just happen to have 2 stars…

OLD MAN: Thanks for helping me…I’m paralyzed…I was watching the movie and everyone started running out.

ALICE: Did someone push you?

OLD MAN: All I remember is getting knocked out and waking up…and seeing your lovely face and your incredible…

Alice cuts him off…

ALICE: That’s sweet! OK, we’re gonna get you to the hospital and make sure everything’s OK!

It’s time to review everything we know and determine our next move. This will take 12 hours (or $65 virtual cash to skip the timer). I suggest we wait.

OK, 12 hours have passed…

We know that two former agents are dead. The pattern suggests Madame Artaud is next…or maybe Marina…or maybe Agent Alice. We need to go to the restaurant and question Artaud. She’s a nervous wreck. She asks if we can help find her anxiety meds. We search the restaurant and find her meds and something else…something shocking!

We find some false teeth and when Alice examines them she gets dizzy and has a vision.

TIP ALERT: There are times when Agent Alice examines an object that she gets dizzy and has a powerful vision. When this happens you have to solve (piece together) a puzzle. Here’s how; click the panel in the upper left corner of the game to rotate it and stop when it flashes, then move on to the next one as fast as you can. The faster you complete the puzzle the more energy units you will get. Contact me in the comment section below if you need help. 

Alice sees the old man in the wheel chair and a bloody corpse. We follow the trail of blood which leads to a park (see scene # 5 below). We search the park and find two clues; the corpse from her vision and a broken film reel. We have to earn a total of 4 stars to examine these clues. This is going to take a while.

TIP ALERT: One of the hidden objects in the park is an “amphora”. If you don’t know what this is you may want to Google it like I did (or you can use one of your hints) or you can see it in scene # 5 below just left of the park bench.

OK, we are close to solving this case…we have all the clues, the scenes, and the suspects. I don’t want to spoil it for you so keep playing and figure the rest out…I promise you’ll be surprised!

Scroll Down for Tips, Hints, and Huge Screen Shots

Scene One – Hotel Lobby

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 7 hotel lobby

Click to Enlarge

 Scene Two – Belle Vue Restaurant

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 7 restaurant belle vue

Restaurant Belle Vue

Scene Three – The Market (le Marche)

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 7 the market (le marché)

Click to Enlarge

 Scene Four – The Cinema

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 7 cinema

Click to Enlarge

 Scene Five – The Park

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 7 the park

Click to Enlarge

Here’s a tip on how to find hidden objects faster and with fewer errors;

  1. Click search to start the scene on your device
  2. Take a snap shot of the scene on your device
  3. Pause the scene on your device
  4. Go to the gallery on your device
  5. Email the scene to yourself
  6. Go to your email and open the scene on a laptop, desktop or large screen tablet
  7. Analyze the scene for a minute or so (try to remember where all the hidden objects are)
  8. Go back to the game on your device and click resume to find all the hidden objects

If you get stuck just pause the game and refer back to the scene on your laptop, desktop or large screen tablet.

Whenever you don’t have enough energy (see yellow arrow below) you can quit the game by clicking the back button on your device.  It takes 2 minutes to earn 1 lightening bolt of energy.  Most tasks require 10 energy units so, if you run out of energy, plan on waiting at least 20 minutes for enough energy to resume playing.  You can resume playing and start where you left off by relaunching the app.

agent alice quit game


Download Agent Alice for FREE at the App Store or get it on Google Play.

PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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