The Killer of Lovers’ Lane – Part 2

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Scene One – The Guard’s Room

In the previous episode, Jon was arrested for the murders of several women at Lovers’ Lane.  Agents Alice and Pete still haven’t figured out what happened to the snake.  They decide to go to the jail to question Jon about the snake.  The prison captain has them wait in the guard’s room while the inmate is transferred to the interrogation room.  They are waiting in the guard’s room when they notice snake trails.  They ask if they can search Jon’s cell before talking to him.  How many hidden objects can you find in the Guard’s Room?

agent alice episode five guards room


Scene Two – Jon’s Jail Cell

They go to Jon’s cell where they find a torn up star map.  They go to talk to Jon who insists he is innocent.  John is delirious and says he won’t talk unless he has his medical book.  They search his cell and find his medical book.  It has the symbol of a snake.  Jon tells them the Snake Bearer is his star sign and protector.  They piece together the star map and Jon repeats his declaration that the Snake Bearer is his star sign and protector.  Pete suggests that Jon is losing his mind.  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene?

agent alice episode five jons cell

 Scene Three – Prison Recreation Area

They go to the recreation area to question the jail’s Captain.  He tells them that the inmates have been complaining about a snake that keeps showing up in the recreation area.  They look around and they discover snake trails and snake scales.  Alice encounters Angelo, a creepy inmate who hits on her.  Alice warns him to back off or she’ll shoot him.  Alice and Pete (YOU) continue their search for hidden objects and clues which will earn them (YOU) enough stars (two) to examine the snake scales.

agent alice episode five recreation area

Ben from Agent AliceThey examine the snake scales and decide the snake is somewhere in the prison.  They go back to talk to Jon.  They find him on the floor bleeding.  His cellmate, Ben (pictured right), says Jon slit his wrists.  They search the cell to find something to stop the bleeding.  They find some clothing.  It’ll take 20 minutes to save Jon’s life.  Or you can pay $20 virtual cash to skip the timer.  I recommend you wait.  While you’re waiting for the timer to expire you should go to the different scenes and uncover more hidden objects as fast as you can (if you have enough energy units). This will earn you the stars you’ll need to examine clues, solve puzzles, interrorgate suspects, and collaborate with allies.

The story will continue once the timer runs out.  Alice and Ben were able to stop the bleeding but Jon has lost so much blood that he requires the attention of a doctor. But first, Alice (YOU) must confront Ben about the bloody mirror found in the cell. This will require two stars which will require another long wait to gain more energy — unless you’re willing to spend REAL money to buy more virtual money which will enable you to buy more energy (and hints which will become more important as the quest to find hidden objects becomes harder and harder).

Speaking of hints, I suggest if you are willing and able to spend REAL money on in-app purchases you do so to buy hints. Sometimes it is so
hard to find a hidden object that you need a hint. If you are not willing or if you are unable to spend money on in-app purchases you can grab a screenshot of a scene, enlarge it, print it, and study it so you know where all of the hidden objects are.

Having earned 2 stars, you are now able to examine the bloody mirror. Ben says the mirror belonged to Jon and he must have used it to cut his wrists. Alice suggests that Ben did it and made it look like a suicide attempt. Ben admits that it looks bad but says he didn’t do it and is only trying to help.

Alice says, “Then help me carry Jon to the medical ward!”

Scene Four – Medical Ward

agent alice episode five medical ward

They get Jon to the medical ward but no one is on duty. Ben says there was only one nurse on staff and she was recently killed (strangled). They decide to look around. They find medical supplies. Ben reveals that he was a medic in the military and might be able to save Jon. Alice asks how did he end up in prison. He tells her that he chose family over duty (his sister was dying). Ben tells Alice that ther’s no time to talk…he has to work fast to save Jon. It’ll take 15 minutes for Ben to complete the procedure but you can pay $10 virtual cash and skip the timer. Don’t skip the timer. A fifeteen minute wait is a gift in this game. I really hope the developers of this game are listening to their customers and will at some point address the issue of long wait times.

When the timer runs out Alice will confront Ben about the dead nurse. He says she was strangled with evenly applied pressure – like a snake killing its prey. They contemplate this in silence. The silence is broken by a loud siren. “What was that?” asks Agent Alice. “We are in lock down!” replies Ben.

If you have enough energy units (you need at least 10) you can investigate the cause of the alarm.  Or you can just wait…and wait…

If you DO have enough energy units (you need at least 10) you can investigate the cause of the alarm.  The prison is in a state of pandemodium!  The Captain is losing it.  One of his men has been killed and he wants Agents Alice and Pete (YOU) to participate in the rescue effort, search for clues, and examine the victim.  This is going to take a lot of time because it will require a lot of energy units and stars.

Prison Captain from Agent Alice

Angelo from Agent Alice game

Did he just call me an idiot?

“Yes he did, somebody better tell him who the ‘F’ I is!” ~ Micky Menage

The guard was strangled. Alice and Pete are convinced he was strangled by the snake. The Captain scoffs at this and is certain that Angelo the inmate was responsible. He goes to confront Angelo. The Captain confronts Angelo and is stabbed with a make-shift knife. Alice and Pete (YOU) needs 2 stars before they can deal with Angelo. This is going to take a lot of time and energy (or a boat load of cash). To make it easier I’m giving you a few hints on the location of some of the hidden items.

Click the following image to enlarge:

guards room hidden objects from Agent Alice

 Being able to study the large image for hidden objects really helped to earn 2 stars quickly.  Angelo came at Alice and Pete with his knife and Alice was forced to shoot him (this requires that you complete an interesting hand and eye coordination exercise).  Now it’s  up to them to solve the mystery of the stranglings.  This will take 12 hours.  You can wait or you can pay $65 virtual dollars to skip the timer.  I’m going to wait and while I’m waiting I’m going to continue searching for hidden objects to earn more stars.

Here’s a tip on how to quickly find hidden objects;

  1. Click search to start the scene on your device
  2. Take a snap shot of the scene on your device
  3. Pause the scene on your device
  4. Go to the gallery on your device
  5. Email the scene to yourself
  6. Go to your email and open the scene on a laptop, desktop or large screen tablet
  7. Analyze the scene for a minute or so (try to remember where all the hidden objects are)
  8. Go back to the game on your device and click resume to find all the hidden objects

If you get stuck just pause the game and refer back to the scene on your laptop, desktop or large screen tablet.

To be continued… 

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PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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