The Killer of Lovers’ Lane – Part 1

Scene One – The Newspaper Office

Agent Alice Newspaper Office

Alice is assigned to a new case; there’s an unusual serial killer in Boston and her job is to find out who…or what he is. Pete, who we met in episode three, has, for some reason, been recruited to work for the agency. He is assigned to assist her on the case. Is it just me, or does any one else find this character annoying? He did save Alice’s life so I will give him credit for that.

They visit Iris, the news reporter who we also met in the last episode. Turns out she received a letter from the killer. She’s not in her office so Alice and Pete search the newsroom and find a couple of clues; a letter and some files. Iris arrives and they decide to examine the clues but first YOU have to search for hidden objects and earn two stars. This will require a lot of energy units so try to find the hidden objects as quickly as possible.

Once you earn a star Alice can review the files which reveal that the killer strangled his victims on Lovers’ Lane and that one survived and is in the hospital; Mark Jones. Once you earn a second star Alice can look at the letters and check them for finger prints. All of the letters have a giant snake drawn in blood and Alice, with your help, finds a pair of finger prints. Iris suggests she go to the hospital and talk to Mr. Jones. You will be rewarded with 6 energy units for your efforts.

Scene Two – The Hospital

agent alice the hospital room

The first thing you need to do is talk to the survivor. This will cost you 10 energy units. When you get to the hospital you will notice that the survivor is not in his room. You will conduct a search for hidden objects and will discover two clues; some medical files and the survivor’s x-ray. You will encounter a hospital employee who will tell you that the survivor is in intensive care and can not have visitors. You will receive 1 energy unit for your trouble. You decide to inspect the survivor’s x-ray. This will take 30 minutes to complete (or you can pay $15 virtual cash to skip the wait – I chose to wait). You also inspect the medical file. This requires a star so you will have to find more hidden objects which will require at least 20 energy units. You can search for hidden objects in the newspaper office or in the hospital. Once you earn a star you can look at the medical files. The files reveal that Mark was strangled with unusual pressure and that there were bruises all over his body. Alice and Pete decide they need to go to Lovers’ Lane.

There’s 20 minutes left on the x-ray inspection timer. I can pay $10 virtual cash to skip the wait. May as well wait.

The survivor’s x-ray timer has expired and we learn that Mark Jones was indeed strangle but the unusual thing is that pressure was applied evenly…like a snake suffocating its prey.  Alice and Pete decide to visit the crime scene…

Scene Three – Lovers’ Lane

Agent Alice Lovers Lane

It’s time to search Lovers’ Lane for hidden objects and maybe a clue or two. This will cost you at least 10 energy units. The two clues from this scene are footprints and a telescope. It will take one hour to examine the footprints or you can pay $25 virtual cash to skip the timer. You need 2 stars to examine the telescope. This will require at least 30 energy units. Once you earn the 2 stars Alice and Pete will decide to go back back to the hospital to talk to Mark Jones. But first you have to wait for the footprints examination timer to time out.

The footprint examination timer has expired. Alice and Pete discuss their findings.

ALICE: These are snake trails too! Looks like Big Foot has a pet!

PETE: Snake trails? Snakes again, like on the letters…

orderlieThey go back to the hospital to talk to Mark. But first they have to get past the nurse. You need to earn a star to try. This might use up 30 energy units. Once you’ve earned a star, Pete tricks the nurse into thinking there is an emergency somewhere else in the hospital. Once the nurse is out of the way they go to talk to Mark. It’ll take 2 stars to talk to the victim. You may not have much energy left so pick the scene you are most familiar with to look for hidden objects. It took 40 energy units to earn one star. I’m down to 7 energy units. I can buy 50 energy units for $60 virtual cash or I can wait about an hour and maybe I’ll have enough by then to earn another star.


Finally got that second star…time to talk to Mark. Mark tells Alice that while he survived, his girlfriend Libby was killed. They were stargazing with the telescope when they heard a loud hissing. He invites Alice into his room to see if she can find anything that might help. First you have to find the keys to Mark’s apartment.  You’ll need some energy…I’m all out .  Maybe I’ll run some errands and by the time I get back I’ll have enough energy to start looking.

Mark Jones from Agent Alice game

Task: Find keys to the victim’s apartment

Cost: 10 energy units

Search the hospital room for hidden objects. You should find a set of keys with a Scorpio symbol key chain. Mark’s girlfriend was a Scorpio as were all of the female victims. Alice asks if she can search the apartment for clues. If you complete this task you’ll earn $1 virtual cash and 1 energy unit.

Scene Four – Mark and Libby’s Apartment

Marks apartment

Task: Investigate the victim’s apartment

Cost: 10 energy units

While searching for hidden objects you will find two clues; an answering machine and a bunch of dried roses with a card attached. If you complete this task you will earn 1 energy unit.

Task: Investigate the answering machine

Cost: 1 star

Back in the 60’s, which is the time period where all of this takes place, answering machines were an advanced technology usually found only in businesses. Alice finds it strange to find one in Mark’s apartment. She turns it on to see if there are any messages on it;

“You have reached Starbright. Please leave a message.”

“Libby? This is Tom Allan! We have to talk. “you can’t get away with this!”

Alice notes that Tom Allan sounds pretty angry. They (she and Pete) agree they heard that name before. They feel they are getting close to a breakthrough.  You will earn 1 energy unit when you complete this task.

Task: Check the flower card for fingerprints

Cost: 2 stars

You will have to search one of the scenes to searh for hidden objects to earn 2 stars to complete this task. This will use up a lot of energy so pick a scene you are familiar with and work as quickly as you can. Once you earn two stars you can read the flower card;

“Libby, my star. No need to fear the dark. Soon we’ll shine together.”

When you scan the card for prints you’ll realize they match the ones on the killer’s letters. They decide the victim knew the killer. They’re ready to identify a suspect but you have to wait 8 hours to see who he is. Or you can pay $54 virtual cash to skip the timer. I’ll check back every hour or so to see if the price drops.

That darn timer finally reached zero and I was able to continue the game.  I was pretty surprised how it turned out so it was well worth the wait.  I won’t reveal how it ends because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might be planning on playing the game.  I will leave you with one tip:

How to Assemble the Astro Machine in episode 4 of Agent Alice:

assemble astro machine

1. Move the gears into the center of the large round base

2. Move the stand into the base

3. Move the smaller round object on top of the stand

4. Move the glass dome on top of the smaller round object

Note: All parts will light up green when properly positioned

Coming soon: Episode 5

What do you think about this episode so far?  Who do you think is the killer?  Are you sick and tired of playing the waiting game?  Have you made any in-app purchases and, if yes, was it worth it?

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PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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