The Governor

agent alice episode 10 bodyguard

The Bodyguard

Uncle Vincent informs Alice that she and her team (the ever annoying Pete and the always competent Ben) have been assigned a new case that takes them to South Carolina. The governor died (not sure if it was foul play or natural causes)  and was taken to the morgue. The next day he was alive and well. The team suspects this is a classic dream case. They search the Governor’s office for clues (see scene # 1 below). They find a Special Agent’s badge. They think it might belong to the governor’s bodyguard (pictured right). They track the bodyguard down but you’ll have to earn a star so they can interrogate him. The bodyguard tells them that the governor is safe and is under his protection. They decide to search the morgue for clues (see scene # 2 below). They find a broken window and a fancy blue dress in a box. You’ll need to earn a star to examine the blue dress (for stains?) and two stars to examine the broken window.

agent alice episode 10 Miss Anne Lee the governors mistress

The Mistress

They examine the fancy dress in the gift box. It is addressed to an Anne Lee. Is this a gift from the governor? They examine the broken window. Did the governor rise from the dead and escape through the window? They check the shards of glass for prints. They find two prints and send them to the lab for analysis. They decide to pay Anne Lee a visit. They get to her apartment and ask about her relationship with the governor. Miss Lee is not very pleased and denies she is involved romantically with the governor. They conduct a search of her apartment (see scene # 3 below — hope you know what a skittle is) and find an expensive man’s watch. They ask her about the watch and she tell’s them it is none of their business. They accuse her of hiding something and tell her they’ll be back after they examine the watch. You’ll have to earn 2 stars to examine the watch.

agent alice episode 10 governors wife

The Wife

When they examine the watch they read an inscription; “To my beloved husband on your first day as Governor.” Miss Lee admits she is not the wife but is the mistress. She gives them the Governors address so they can talk to his wife. They arrive at the Governors Home and is greeted by his wife Jean who doesn’t have a clue as to what’s been going on. She tells them he’s playing golf (which they find hard to imagine if he’s dead). They search the house (see scene 4 below) and find a golf club. They decide to talk to the wife again but they need you to earn a star or two first.

They ask Jean how is it possible that he can play golf if he’s dead. She say’s he’s a powerful man and is at the top of his game. She suggests we visit him at the Country Club. They go to the Country Club (see scene # 5 below) to look for the Governor and they find his dead body (he was stabbed in the back).

agent alice episode 10 the  governor is alive

The Governor

They take the body back to the morgue. They go to the Governor’s office and talk to the bodyuard. The bodyguard tells them that the Governor is  alive and well and under his protection (then who is that in the morgue?). They search the office and find a torn calendar. The Governor shows up and kicks them out. They put the torn calendar together. The Governor is scheduled for a press conference that night. They need you to earn a star so they can go back and talk to the Governor.

Alice tries to talk to the governor but he gets angry and calls security. While waiting for security to arrive she asks if he knows who belongs to the dead body in the morgue. He tells her the dead guy is a look alike. She tells him she has his calendar. He wants it back. She promises to give it to him if he’ll answer a few questions. He tells her answers are at the morgue. They go back to the morgue and the body is gone–just like before.  They search the morgue and find a clue–a bus ticket.  To be continued…

Scene One – Governor’s Office

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 10 governors office

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Scene Two – Morgue

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 10 morgue

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Scene Three – The Apartment

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 10 miss anne lees apartment

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Scene Four – Governor’s Home

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 10 governors home

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Scene Five – Golf Course

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 10 dead governor golf course

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Here’re a few tips on how to find hidden objects faster and with fewer errors;

  1. Click search to start the scene on your device
  2. Take a snap shot of the scene on your device
  3. Pause the scene on your device
  4. Go to the gallery on your device
  5. Email the scene to yourself
  6. Go to your email and open the scene on a laptop, desktop or large screen tablet
  7. Analyze the scene for a minute or so (try to remember where all the hidden objects are)
  8. Go back to the game on your device and click resume to find all the hidden objects
  9. Or you can keep an 8 x 10 piece of paper nearby and create a map of where things are

If you get stuck just pause the game and refer back to the scene on your laptop, desktop, large screen tablet, or your map.

Whenever you don’t have enough energy you can quit the game by clicking the back button on your device.  It takes 2 minutes to earn 1 lightening bolt of energy.  Most tasks require 10 energy units so, if you run out of energy, plan on waiting at least 20 minutes for enough energy to resume playing.  You can resume playing and start where you left off by relaunching the app.

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PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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