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agent alice bedroom scene episode 3

Uncle Vincent congratulates Agent Alice for solving the case of King Oberon and invites her to join the Agency. He informs her that she’s going to Las Vegas on a security mission to protect the Tiger’s Heart diamond. He suggests that she enjoy herself but also cautions her not to party too hard. Alice, apparently having thrown caution to the wind, wakes up with a headache in a Vegas hotel in bed with a strange man (what does that say about her character?).  She decides to check his ID while he’s asleep. She finds some classified documents and some clothing.

In order to search the clothing she (YOU) will need to earn a star. You can earn a star by searching the room and finding hidden objects. The faster you find the hidden objects the more points you will earn toward a star. Some of the items might be difficult to find so you may need to click the magnifying glass in the lower right corner for a hint. You only have so many hints so try to use them wisely.

Agent Alice discovers that the man’s jacket has secret pockets sewn in. She moves on to inspect the classified documents. This is going to take10 minutes. You can skip the waiting period if you pay $10 virtual cash. It might be a good idea to just wait.

After waiting 10 minutes Alice notices that the documents contain a file labeled “Agent Alice Wallace”. She decides she needs to talk to the man in the bed but in order tyo do so she needs a star. That will, of course, require you to search the room for hidden objects. You may have to do this several times before you earn a star (don’t worry, it’ll be fun – you’ll know where most of the objects are by having located them before). One thing to keep in mind is that you need energy to conduct searches. Once you run out of energy you can buy more with virtual cash or you can just wait until your energy rises to a level that will allow to you continue searching. These waiting periods may be, for some people, a frustrating part of the game. They are designed to get you you pull out your wallet and make in-app purchases. There’s nothing wrong with that – Wooga is in business to make money. If you prefer not to make in-app purchases you can easily disable that feature on your device.

My energy seems to be restoring at the rate of 1 unit every 2 minutes. You need a minimum of 5 units (lightning bolts) to conduct a search so figure on waiting a while before getting back into the game. I use my waiting periods to write my reviews.

Got enough energy back to earn enough stars so Agent Alice can talk to the stranger in her bed.

agent alice with pete the stranger in her bed

Turns out his name is Pete and they met at the casino bar. Alice remembers she has to meet with the casino owner so she ends the conversation with Pete. She goes to the casino but the owner had to leave so she decides to take a look around. She finds a lock box.

Mr. Boyd, the casino owner shows up.

agent alice with casino owner with wanted poster

They discuss security. Mr Boyd is constantly worried about being robbed to the point that he has nightmares about a famous bank robber stealing his most prized possession — the Tiger’s Heart diamond.

He shows her the vault that contains the diamond. I need more energy to search the vault so I’ll be back a little later.

OK, I’m back!

When you search for hidden objects you will discover clues that will help you solve the case. During the search of the vault two clues were uncovered; the wanted poster and the diamond. Mr. Boyd is very distraught and needs to be reassured that everything is going to be OK. This will require you to earn a star which will allow you to talk to him and calm him down. Once he calms down you can leave the vault and take the private elevator back to the casino floor. When you and Mr. Boyd get there you will be greeted by an apparition that will realize Mr. Boyd’s greatest fear;

The Ghost of Luciano Charles!

agent alice meets luciano charles

Agent Alice is unfazed. She pulls her gun. But what effect will it have on this ghostly criminal?

This is an interestingly interactive aspect of the game.  In order to shoot the bad guy you have to tap your screen when a moving ball falls into a circle.  If it falls outside of the circle you miss…if you tap the screen at the right moment and it falls within the circle, you hit your target.

So, after a few tries I hit the target and fired and Luciano Charles disappeared in a cloud of smoke!

In order to go after him you’ll need more energy so you’re going to have to wait an hour or more before you can continue.  That’s the biggest drawback for this game.  Play for ten minutes and then wait an hour (or more).

Here’s what others are saying about Agent Alice;

“Waiting around isn’t a new idea in free-to-play games, least of all free-to-play HOGs. But Agent Alice is bad about throwing you against a wall seemingly every few minutes. It tries to throw you a bone by awarding you single points of energy from time to time, but when it costs 10 energy to do a hidden object scene, that doesn’t mean much. Agent Alice’s wait times are its biggest weakness. If you can swallow them (or if you have money to blow on in-app purchases), there’s a solid HOG here that genre fans should enjoy. That just makes the gratuitous waits for the rest of us all the more aggravating.”Nadia Oxford gamezebo.com

“A standard hidden object game in every sense but one, Agent Alice combines an intriguing plot with fairly run-of-the-mill gameplay and a backwards take on the free-to-play model, resulting in the kind of free release that feels like little more than a grab for your cash than any kind of creative endeavour.”  ~ Keith Andrew –  trustedreviews.com/agent-alice-review

How quickly can you locate the hidden objects?

agent alice ledge

This is the ledge that Alice and Pete must walk on to get to the vent that will allow them to enter the vault. Alice falls off the ledge but is rescued by Pete.  There’s an awkward moment as Pete holds her in his arms. They enter the vault via the vent, crack the safe, encounter the gangster who has stolen the diamond and that’s all I will tell you about this episode. If you want to know if they capture and’or kill the gangster and recover the diamond I encourage you to download Agent Alice and see for yourself. If you want to know  what happens between Alice and Pete you can download the game and see for yourself. You will not be  disappointed (except, perhaps, for the long waiting periods).

What do you think, are the waiting periods too long?  How will this affect the long term success of the game?

Download Agent Alice for FREE at the App Store or get it on Google Play.

PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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