There’s a new HOG in town and her name is Agent Alice.

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Who said if you put lipstick on a HOG its still a HOG?  

Agent Alice from Wooga is what is referred to in the gaming world as a Hidden Object Game (HOG). HOGs were once very popular, especially on Facebook, but that has changed as many people have switched to mobile devices for their gaming fixes. Agent Alice is making HOGs popular again — especially among affluent, older woman.  It was downloaded 3 million times in the 1st four days of its release and has since settled into a healthy 800,000 downloads per day.

“I’m very happy to see the overwhelming success Agent Alice has had since launch. It confirms the high aspirations we had for the game and we love to see that players have embraced the title so quickly,” Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said. “It is still early days, but we are confident that with Agent Alice we have added another hit title to our portfolio.”

It’s no accident that this game attracts so many women – Wooga specifically targeted “ladies who love drama as a rich seem (pool) of older women, with disposable income, who were being underserved by puzzle games.”

“This demographic – women 40 and older – is underserved on the app stores,” said Begemann in January. “You see lots of action and strategy games geared toward men. But for women 40 and older we have puzzle games – Candy Crush or Jelly Splash – and not much besides that.”

I totally agree.  And I also think that you ladies who play this game might be able to get your man to put the action games aside long enough to help you figure out some of those puzzles and search for some of those clues and get more energy to search for…well, you get my point.

Here’s a recap of what happens in Episodes One and Two;

Episode One:  A mysterious, shadowy figure just kidnapped actress Wanda (pictured to the right) from the stage. Agent Alice sticks around the scene to search for clues while Officer Crosby goes backstage to look for the bad guy. Alice finds her first major clue; a bloody vine. She proceeds to examine the strange vine. She goes backstage to show Crosby what she found. The backstage is covered with vines. She finds Crosby knocked out cold. She revives him and he tells her that the bad guy knocked him out. He decides to call it a night.

Alice looks for traces of Wanda. She spots a bloody trail. She follows the trail of blood. She hears a loud crash coming from the dressing room. She enters the dressing room where she finds Wanda. Wanda has a wound to her leg and she appears to be in shock. She’s looking at something lying on the floor. Alice sees that the actress is looking at a corpse on the floor. The dead man appears to have been strangled by vines. Wanda tells Alice that the dead man is her co-star, John.

Alice decides it is not safe to stay in the theater with all these vines. Wanda’s injury makes it difficult to walk. Alice finds som bandages and tends to her wounds. They start to leave.  As they are leaving the theater they encounter the shadowy figure who tries to take the actress. Alice shoots him and he dissolves into thin air – like black smoke.

They hear sirens in the distance and Alice’s Uncle Vincent, who works for a secretive law enforcement agency arrives. “What are you doing here?” she asks. He informs his niece that he has been assigned to this case which has only just begun.

Episode Two:  Agent Alice meets with Uncle Vincent to discuss the case of Wanda Marshal. He tells her that Ms.Marshal has disappeared (again) despite the Agency’s protection.

They get news that a cab she was in crashed into a tree in Times Square. Witnesses claimed that the tree grew in a matter of a few seconds.

Alice goes to the accident scene and runs into Aunt Iris – her mother’s old friend – who happens to be a news reporter. They (including you) search the scene and find a number of hidden objects including two items that turn out to be important clues; a torn letter and some thorny vines. Alice believes that the attacker, despite being shot, is still alive.

This is where the game gets really cool. You, the gamer, have to put the torn letter together. It’s basically a puzzle you have to put together by dragging the torn pieces around until they fit and it’s a bit challenging. Once you put it together you learn that it’s a threatening letter addressed to Wanda. It was signed by someone named Cybil and basically warned Wanda to;

“Stay away from my man, or else…”

cybil from agent aliceThey think Cybil (pictured right) might be another actress so they go back to the theater. When they get there they see that a memorial has been erected to honor John, the actor who was strangled by vines in episode one. They find, among the flowers and memorabilia, a photograph of a loving couple. They think it’s a picture of John and Cybil.  It doesn’t take them long to find Cybil and when they do she’s not at all pleasant. She doesn’t deny sending the warning to Wanda and she explains that she did it because Wanda was sending a bunch of “crazy love letters” to her man (John).  You (the gamer) can read the love letters if you have enough stars. To earn stars you have to go to one of the scenes (Times Square accident scene or theater scene) and find more hidden objects. You earn more points if you find the objects quickly and if you don’t make mistakes like clicking on the wrong object. If you can’t find an object you can click the hint button for help but you only have a limited number of hints (but you can earn more as the game progresses).

So Alice and Iris decide to go to Wanda’s apartment to search for clues. They knock, ring the doorbell, and decide to leave when Iris suggests that they pick the lock. Alice, being a law enforcement official declines but Iris says don’t worry…she has someone who can do it with discretion. That someone is YOU!! Yup…in order to gain access to the apartment you have to solve a puzzle. It seems almost impossible at first but once you figure it out it’s relatively easy and you’ll be very proud of yourself and you’ll be hoping that there are more clever brain teasers to come.

OK, I picked the lock and we’re in Wanda’s beautiful NYC apartment (suspend belief for a moment and accept that there is no alarm system).

From this point forward I’m going to get real interactive with the game and act like I’m Agent Alice’s junior detective (makes it way more fun!).

Since I was the one who picked the lock I guess I’ll be the first one through the door. Wow! This is a really sweet apartment! OK, ladies, let’s look around…

The first thing we noticed was the smell. We found a few hidden objects and then we noticed a corpse – strangled in vines.

It was Wanda’s maid…poor girl! Time, according to Alice, to examine the body. But first I need a star.

Got my star and we examined the maid’s body and came to the conclusion that Wanda’s attacker is controlling the vines.  We recall that she called John her “King Oberon” in one of her her letters.  I have to find out who King Oberon is.  We also found Wanda’s diary and her vanity (which was missing a mirror) filled with vines.

I’m not going to tell you what happens next because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  I promise you’re going to love this game!

Download Agent Alice for FREE at or just go to the play store on your device.

PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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