How to Beat Yoshiro

Plain and simple advice on how to beat Yoshiro in CSR Racing. He drives a T2 Nissan 370Z. Here’s how to beat him.

CSR Racing International Tips, Tricks, and Observations (No Cheats)

how to beat yoshiro

Yoshiro is the Tier 2 Boss of Iron Samurai

I defeated Yoshiro and his crew a long time ago.  He was gracious in defeat and I am honoured to race him again in this new forum the results of which are chronicled below.

Yoshiro drives (and drives well) a Tier 2 Nissan 370Z.  It’s a nice car but it is not the best car to bring into an environment where the stakes are so high and so many millions of virtual dollars are stake.  Check out my review of the best CSR Racing Tier 2 cars to see what I mean (and please comment and offer your opinions).

CSR Racing Best Tier 2 Cars

yoshiro slingshot raceI beat Yoshiro in the first sling shot race earning a token which I used to purchase a stage 2 engine increasing my bhp by 74 points and my overall rating to 675. Next race was a 3 opponent relay which I won by a split second. I earned a token that I used to purchase a stage 2 turbo with an improved inter-cooler increasing my bhp by 63 points and my rating to 676.  Then it was a sling shot rematch against Yoshiro’s slightly improved Nissan 370Z.   I was in the zone with a perfect start and a combination of perfect and good shifts.  The win earned me a token which I used to purchase a stage 2 intake increasing my bhp by 56 points and my overall rating to 678.  I won the 4 race relay on the 1st try.  Guess all the upgrades are paying off.  Earned another evo token which I used to purchase a high capacity stage 2 nitrous bottle capable of providing a 3 second power boost (NICE!).  Raced another sling shot; Another win, another token, and another upgrade.  This is getting easy and less challenging but it’s still a lot of fun.

Beat Yoshiro in the last sling shot race earning an evo token which I used to purchase a stage 2 transmission with composite axles and a composite propshaft.  This reduces weight, enhances the gearbox for smoother shifting, and increases the overall rating to 686. The next race is a “switchback” in which I drive Yoshiro’s car and he drives mine and then he drives his against mine. Sounds a  next little confusing but it’s very cool.  If I win I unlock the next boss – Aleida.

Driving his car, I earned Yoshiro a 3.703 second head start.  Got back into my FXX K and won the slingshot allowing me to progress to the next level.

I beat the rest of the bosses so I’m not going to bore you with my results.  I’m moving on to the next event.

RC Bonay

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2 Responses to How to Beat Yoshiro

  1. Roland Bonay says:

    Actually all of the bosses are more gracious (some like Yoshiro more gracious than others) and they often make snide remarks about Nitro…the impression I’m getting is that they feel Nitro is a sell out and they want me (and/or you) to beat him.

  2. Saptarshi says:

    I find that Yoshiro is the only boss who actually acknowledges you won by driving better

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