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Three Reasons Why You Should Chose Jaaxy;

I’m a big fan of keyword research.  I’ve used the Google KW tool, Market Samurai, and a few others and I’ve recently been trying out the Wealthy Affiliate KW tool Jaaxy.  Since using Jaaxy I haven’t been using anything else and I’ll tell you why;

  1. Jaaxy is easy to use
  2. Jaaxy is powerful
  3. Jaaxy is affordable

Jaaxy is Easy to Use

One of the big benefits of choosing Jaaxy is that it is very easy to use.  All you do is type in the keyword and the tool will give you a list of keywords with enough data so you can find the high traffic keywords along with the competition levels.

Example One:

I searched for “dog collars” and these are the top keywords for that term;

dog collar keywords

In addition to the keywords (and depending on the type of account you have) you can analyze site rankings, competition, ways to make money through affiliate programs, find top domains for each keyword which you can keep or sell, and more.

Example Two:

I searched for “learn to draw” and these are the top keywords for that term;

learn to draw

Hmm, I may actually use some of these for my next “learn how to draw” website.

Jaaxy is Powerful

These are just some of the powerful features contained in Jaaxy that you and your business will benefit from greatly;

Keyword Searches;  You will be able to perform targeted keyword searches in the blink of an eye.
Keyword Competition;  You will know who’s challenging you for your keywords and how to defeat them.
Instant Competition;  You will be able to quickly identify and profit from low competition keywords.
Domain Availability;   You will be able to identify available domains associated with your keyword and out rank the competition (and profit by flipping domains if you want).
SEO Analysis;   You will be able to ensure that your website and your content is effectively optimized
Site Rank Analysis;  You will be able to quickly determine where your site is ranked and if it’s not on page one you’ll know exactly how to get it there.
Website Analyzer;  analyze your competition’s website and exploit their weaknesses
Affiliate Program Finder;  find products and affiliate programs and profit from your keywords
Keyword List Manager;  save and manage all of your keyword campaigns
Speed;  get your results in seconds compared to what other tools take minutes (or even days) to accomplish

How Much Does it Cost?

Take a look at the three points and decide which version is for you;*

jaaxy price points


Try It For Yourself;

Type in a keyword or a keyword phrase in the box below and see for yourself the Power of Jaaxy!

Ready to Order?

*Before you can buy Jaaxy you must try it for Free.

This way you only pay for it if you like it.   You can even use Facebook to join (this helps us stamp out spam).

Click here to try it for free; Try Jaaxy for Free

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the free bonuses which are yours to keep no matter if you join for free, as a Pro, or as an Enterprise member;

jaaxy bonus 1

jaaxy bonus 2

jaaxy bonus 3

I want to thank you for stopping by. If you have a question drop me a comment below.

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  1. sheila Zimmer says:

    Great Blog RC, I love all the info you have !!!!

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